Learn Piano in 30 Days Review – Does It Work? How Good is It?

The Learn Piano in 30 Days program are a series of piano lessons people can take online. Our program is tailored to those who want to learn how to play keyboards, but don’t know how. It’s simple to play piano and each one of is able to, but some training might be required beforehand. Anyone who visits LearnPianoin30days.com can learn how to play. It is a total package that teaches you to how to play without any prior knowledge or experience.

If you’re in search of a third-party Learn Piano In 30 days review, you’re in the right place. This article will address the online program’s advantages and disadvantage.

learn piano in 30 days review

Author’s Statement on “How to Play Piano”

Learn Piano In 30 Days will teach anyone how to play the piano well within a month using easy to follow shortcuts. According to the author, this instructional approach reduces a student’s learning time. The lessons will feature astounding new methods of keyboard playing, and minimize learning time by almost a tenth.

Everything the student needs is included in this online program and presented in an easy to understand format. The program also teaches students how to read and write their own music within weeks. The author claims that students are capable of having a successful music career after taking this course.

Learn Piano In 30 Days releases piano video lessons to students on a weekly basis. As such, the program’s course material is always updated and fresh.

About the Author of “How to Play Piano”

Learn Piano In 30 Days was created by a professional musician with several years of experience in the industry. She has played in clubs all over the world and now wants to share her knowledge with anyone who has the same passion for music as she does. She can be contacted here if you have any questions about the Learn Piano In 30 Days program.

The Science Behind Learn Piano In 30 Days

When you start these lessons, you’ll obtain several instructional videos, which makes learning to play more enjoyable than using traditional guides. This course is equipped with a quartet of programs with the following features:

  • Learn piano in 30 days program with several technique exercises.
  • Enhancing your piano playing program.
  • Becoming a piano professional program.
  • Effortless piano playing program.

Also, the author provides students with a unique program that instructs them how to play several kinds of guitars. Students learn how to play:

  • Pop
  • Rhythm and blues
  • Gospel
  • Rock
  • Classics
  • Country
  • Jazz

Further, in the Learn Piano In 30 Days program, students have access to an online piano forum where they can engage with instructors who can help them resolve any keyboard playing issues. Students can download several manuals and software in the piano forum, including the following:

  • Piano quiz and games.
  • Play piano on your computer.
  • Piano visualization tools.
  • Music Theory Flashcards.
  • Record and edit their own tunes with music tools.
  • Piano flash cards
  • And more

The author provides students with various music sheets and audio accompaniments when learning how to play new music in the forum, including:

  • Music sheets by famous artists and bands.
  • Music sheets by popular pianists.
  • Piano audios.
  • Themed music sheets.

Benefits of Learning How to Play Piano

  • Learn Piano In 30 Days lessons are cheaper than private teachers.
  • The program provides detailed courses without making students feel pressured or embarrassed if a mistake is made.
  • The lessons are updated on a weekly basis.
  • The system’s approaches that are scientifically proven to be effective.
  • Songs range from modern rock to classic favorites.
  • Technical support is an email away.
  • She provides a money back guarantee for students unsatisfied with Learn Piano In 30 Days.

WOW, what a great list of tutorials!

learn piano in 30 days review - Online-Piano-Song-Lists

View List of Song Tutorials


  • You receive a thorough piano program.
  • Comes with a 2-month money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the program. There is a 14-day trial offer available for $1. Once the 2-week trial period ends, it costs a mere $27 to remain a member.


  • These lessons will need to be followed and you’ll need to practice regularly!
  • This is not a physical product, it’s a digital one. However, it can be accessed on several platforms, including your smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer.

Learn to Play Piano – Bottom Line

This complete learn piano in 30 days review was written to determine if Learn Piano In 30 Days is worth giving a shot. In my opinion, I think it is.

learn piano in 30 days review-learn-piano-in-30-days-with-how-to-play-piano

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