How to learn the piano/keyboard on your own

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It is quite fulfilling and exciting when one plays the piano or keyboard, and it is something anybody can master with time. Although it may appear a little challenging for you to learn on your own, with a grasp of the basics and a massive amount of practice, you may find the process entertaining and stress-free.

The 1st Step

Study the piano and identify the range of black and white keys which are arranged along its length. Explore the arrangement of two black keys and three black keys and the set of white keys in the middle. Use your left and right fingers to play notes randomly and grow the confidence to start playing notes individually or in a group.

2nd Step

Look at the piano and find the middle C key. Middle C is located close to the most central two black keys. If you can’t find middle C, feel free to use an online piano note chart. You can then go on to play many other C notes on the keyboard. Other C notes can be found on the white keys just before the sequence of two black keys. You will see how all C notes that physically apart have almost the same tones.

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3rd Step

In this step, you are to play all the eight notes located between the C at the middle and the immediate highest C. You will notice that white keys represent all the records. In order of arrangement, the notes are C, D, E, F, G and A. The last two are B and C. Playing all the notes in consecutive order will result in the C Major scale. Western music and Keyboard theory are not complete without the fundamental part of C Major scale. Go on to practice operating the C major scale back and forth while recalling that you have to begin the end on a C note.

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4th Step

With the aid of your left hand, form a C chord. Play a C note using the small finger of your left hand, in the bottom half of the keyboard. Use your middle finger to play an E and play a G using your thumb. To locate the E and G keys, from a C key, count up, taking a white key at a time. Alternatively, you can check an online piano note chart . Play all three notes at the same time by pressing down the notes. Keep playing the C major chord until the point where you feel comfortable physically and you can identify the important notes with your eyes.

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5th Step

While playing a C major chord with your left hand, play a C major melody with your right hand. Play a C note in the top half of the piano in a bid to form a C major theme. Then, play the remaining white notes in several orders which finally results in a different C note. You can explore several combinations of notes you find pleasing to your ears till you find the sounds or melodies you love.

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6th Step

With your left hand, play a major C chord which is made up of the C, E< G notes. To get the next chord in the C key major, try to lift all the notes in the major chord of C and a white note. This move results in the formation of the D minor chord which is made up of the D, F, and A notes. Keep lifting your left-hand fingers by a white note to culminate in, E minor chord, F major, G major and A minor in that order. Try your hands on several combinations of melody and harmony lines which should all use white keys only. Explore and practice again and again, and you will soon find yourself operating or playing your piano in a sophisticated way and harmony.

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